Case Study

Improved distribution performance and process with automation

A leading electronics consumer durable brand in India, operating through 260 distributors in 65 cities and providing a range of mobile phones and other consumer durable products to millions of customers through retail outlets and stores.

Consumer durable brand

Distribution process
Inventory & outstanding
Secondary sales

Client Challenge

OrangeWill engaged with the client during a time when the mobile phone brands from China started rapidly capturing the market share threatening the dominant position of client brand. The pressure to compete let to pushing of inventory at distributor level and managing the distribution process became a key challenge. The fire fighting with distributors about their unsold inventory and outstanding balance became an everyday event as there was no mechanism to monitor the actual sales happening at distributor level. The client made several attempts to automate the secondary sales process on their own with little to no success. As secondary sales monitoring is highly fragmented and arguably one of the most complex and stressful process in consumer durable distribution, the client lacked a way to have live and reliable data from diverse sources.