Building Blocks for Mental Toughness

Building Blocks for Mental Toughness

“Toughness is in soul and spirit, not in muscles”.


Mr. Aalesh Alvani, an allumini from Boston University was at Softpillar office and gave a talk to team Softpillar about how to amplify the will power. He shared his insights to strengthen the mental capabilities through main agenda.


Total Control
The root of mental toughness lies in motivation. People who are intrinsically motivated do not rely on fortune or blame the circumstances, rather they get total grip and have total control over the situation.


Emphasis on Seeing One’s Own Strength
Mr. Aalesh Alvani, suggested that one should do things by oneself, rather than expecting from others. One needs to realize and accept the fact that nobody is perfect.


Use Learning from Past as Valuable Treasure
Take experience from past and use them as stepping stone in order to reach new goals and dreams.


Calm Your Anxious Heart
Never allow oneself to complain. Complaining doesn’t solve problem, it aggravates them. The more one complain the more problem an individual will face and eventually it will infect others. So don’t be an infection, be a cure.


Be Silent and Make No Conscious Attempt to Impress Others
In the end people will judge an individual anyway, so don’t live life impressing others. Build grit, destroy negativity and develop the resilience to achieve long term goals.