Enterprise Mobility Solution for Sales Process Automation

Take your work to next level with automation, collaboration & real-time control

Trinity of

Simple Made, Simple Joy and Simple Aspiration

Collaboration Tool (in-built Messaging)

over every manhour spent by your employees

Online Sales Data Recording

about who is accountable for a given client and given job

Data Analytics

everyone working on a job is in sync with one another on real time basis

Why Orange Will

Orange Will can help people at various levels. Check below how it can help you.

For Front Salesman

Online Data Recording
Team Communication

Productive Organisation

Access to Data Analytics
Messaging for Live Updates
Live Monitoring of Performance

Top Management

Integrated solution providing birds eye view of entire sales function
Higher Level of transparency
High level data Analytics for performance tracking for policy review.

Simplifying Sales Activity

Sales Team Management

Managing any size of sales team. It was never so easy. 100 per cent automated system helps to manage big team without any complexity.

Speed up the order execution process

Right time order delivery has a direct positive impact on Customer satisfaction and on profitability. Orange Will help to enhance order execution process.

Distributor Management

Manage any kind of complex distribution network easily and be more close to each distributor. Complex distribution network can be managed in most simplified way.

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